About Me


   My name is Bryana. I am a young, aspiring artist. I grew up with a world of options at my fingertips. I love fresh ideas and would like to share with you innovative projects inspired by my travels. Words I live by:
  • Make instead of buy
  • Buy thrifty
  • Make something that doesn't look thrifty
  • Feed a starving artist!
  • Enjoy what you make

  There is nothing more relaxing than coming home and making something. Taking all that stress and channeling into the production of my own two hands, that feeling is extremely satisfying. This blog is made to inspire you to create and support artists like me, not looking to make a buck, just wanting to melt some stress. Take a post with a cup of tea and melt that stress with me. Enjoy!

If you have any questions or comments please contact me at mydamagedpostcardbb@gmail.com