Friday, May 16, 2014

Spotlight: Found

Located in the quaint collage town of Ann Arbor Michigan lays a hidden treasure shop called Found. It is nestled on the top floor of Kerrytown Shops where local artists sell their wares.

They specialize in whimsical art and jewelry crafted from found materials, unique gifts, vintage finds, and artsy doodads. Mary Cambruzzi, the shop owner and finder, has been at this trade for about 8 years. She features workshops and made in Michigan treasures.

Personally I was searching for pocket watch gears and findings, which is becoming increasingly hard to find. To my surprise they do sell small packets of gears at reasonable price. We also found real vintage lace and clock faces. And the employees are super helpful and knowledgeable in the latest craft techniques.
If you ever find yourself in cute collage town Ann Arbor make sure to stop by:

407 N. Fifth Ave
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hens in Boots

It's time to welcome summer by planting. In this planter I used succulents, or hens and chicks. They are water retaining plants that can handle arid conditions. My friend, Sandy, and I decided to plant them in a rather unusual pot I found at my local Goodwill.


Old Boot 
A Variety of Different Succulents (these will stay green all summer long)
Pliers and Dowel (or anything to poke a hole with)
Potting Soil
Sharp Blade

1. Get your materials together. We did this outside on a sunny day.

2. Drill holes in the bottom of an old boot, succulents thrive in soil that is well drained. Next, use your blade to cut an X into the toe area of your boot.

3. Pull the slits apart and place a few rocks inside to keep it open.

4. Now add your soil.

5. Add your plants, don't add too many because succulents spread. Place one where you made your incision. It looks like it grew through the boot.

And your done! Adorable! Place it in an area with full sun, and water it every so often. The plants will fill the shoe.

If you enjoyed this project please comment below.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lost Earring Renovation

So you lost an earring. You can't find it anywhere. What do you do with the other one? Or maybe you want a simple silver bracelet to compliment your look. Earrings that are separated with jump rings work best. You can typically find them at the dollar store. 


  • One earring
  • Clasp
  • Wire tools (Flat needle-nose pliers with teeth and a bent flat needle-nose pliers with teeth)

  1. Choose your earrings. Find simple ones that are easy to take apart.
  2. Use your pliers to remove the earring hook.
  3. Remove all of the jump rings. Set the jump rings aside. Simply grab the jump ring and gently pull apart.
  4. Now you have everything separated you can see how many metal pieces you need. Because my wrists are small I only need eight of the nine pieces. Adjust to your wrist accordingly. 
  5. Now we are going to take the metal pieces and connect them with two jump rings. Make sure to align the patterns.
  6. So we have to add a clasp now. Just connect the pieces to jump rings. There you go. Looks like you bought it at a store. Your earring now has a new life.