Tuesday, November 22, 2016

10 Collar Clips to Brighten Up Cold Dreary Days

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   It's just starting to become cold and dreary now that the leaves are gone. Sweater and collar clips are a fantastic day brightener.

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Jurassic times call for Jurassic measures.

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My eyes are up here.

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Feature your two greatest loves.

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Authentic unicorn poop.

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Bling bling!

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Over the rainbow!

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Knitters gonna knit.

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Boots are for cowgirls.

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Sweater wearing hedgehogs to wear on your sweater!

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Pizza is bae!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

7 Types of Creative Journaling

   When I start a journal I keep up with it for about a week then forget all about it (much like my blogging habits). What are some creative ways to keep that from happening again? Try finding a journaling style that fits you. Something you will find joy in and want to pick up and start logging your life in. There are many choices out there not just the regular college lined run of the mill diary, actual beautiful journals anyone can do that are wonderful chronologs that represent you. Here are seven examples of journals anyone can keep up with:

Bullet Journal

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There are many types of bullet journals. Most are used as a creative organization system. Tools needed are a blank journal or a pen - that's it! Whether you prefer lines or blank pages is up to you. 
http://bulletjournal.com/ has wonderful guides on how to get started.

Art Journal

(Photo by Journaling Junkie)

Bullet journal's messy sister, the art journal is a fluid media for the artistic mind. There aren't any rules in an art journal, just grab your paints, pens, and pencils. You may want a journal with thick pages for watercolor paints though.
 http://journaling-junkie.tumblr.com/ has some colorful ideas to inspire you.

Mixed Media Journal

(Photo by Journal Girl)

The mixed media journal is like an art journal for the advanced. http://journalgirl.com/ recommends spending 30 minutes a day. She even has a Youtube workshop on how to make these stunning works of art.

The Smash Book

Smash Book is a brand featuring the "unscrapbook" kit. Consumer Crafts Blog raves about it in a review that outlines just what exactly is the hype of the phenomenon all about. A Smash Book usually comes with everything you need to get started, except an exciting life to write about - that's up to you!

Junk Journal

Junk journaling is typically an unstructured Smash Book. It can include mixed media and aspects of a list journal, or whatever the heck you want! It's perfectly imperfect and however you want to make it to be - just like your life. You will need some scrapbook supplies, vintage ephemera, and mixed media materials or none of these I don't tell you how to live your life. Making Mini Scrapbooks showcases her adventure with a junk journal, definatly worth the read.

Polaroid Photo Journal

You will need an instant photo camera for this one. Think of this journal as a physical Instagram feed. You will need to snap photos everyday to create your timeline. Smashed Peas and Carrots decided to make her own accordion book, but any type of blank book will do.

The List Journal

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Finally the list journal! http://30daysoflists.com/ has guidelines that will get you started with hundreds of ideas. Basically the list journal catalogs everything about you, your likes and dislikes laid out in simple lists. You can decorated it like a Smash Book, junk journal, mixed media journal, photos, or art journal.

Why stick to one style? You can combine them all for the ultimate autobiography of you! These are just a few examples to get you started. Happy journaling!

Bryana B. of My Damaged Postcard

Tuesday, November 8, 2016



 What is OOAK Jewelry?

   OOAK stands for One of A Kind. Whenever you see a necklace that is OOAK labeled means you found a black unicorn of the jewelry world. An OOAK item is typically handmade and will be the only one of its kind in the shop.

(Photo from AnAndalousianDog)

   Broadly speaking a truly OOAK necklace is something that is 100% unique, has not yet been copied, or won’t be reproduced. There can only be one.

Benefits include (But aren’t limited to):

(Photo from GiftinForFifteen)

No Copy Cats! You won’t be caught in that awkward situation when your friend is wearing the same necklace that you chose to wear at that wedding.

Handmade Quality - Your buying from a skilled artist that created the necklace with her (or his) own two hands instead of a heartless factory machine.

Complements Galore! - One of a kind means one of a kind – duh! This necklace will be as unique as you are. When you wear an OOAK necklace people will stop and ask you, “Where did you get that necklace?” You can proudly tell them, “It’s exclusive and was only available for a limited time.” – Legit, you can now turn and catwalk away.

(Photo from IBICENCAS)

Gift Giver Queen – Find an OOAK necklace to give to a friend, chances are you will find something that matches them so perfectly they will crown you with reverence and awe.

You Feed Starving Artists – OOAK jewelry is normally created by a small business owner who is happy and content not to make cheap knock offs of an original. The artist just wants to make something someone (even if it’s just one person on the whole planet) happy.

   Next time you shop online, at a local market place, or boutique search for OOAK. You will be pleasantly surprised about what you find. Pick it up at treasure it, because like you it’s the only one of it’s kind.


Bryana B. of My Damaged Postcard