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 What is OOAK Jewelry?

   OOAK stands for One of A Kind. Whenever you see a necklace that is OOAK labeled means you found a black unicorn of the jewelry world. An OOAK item is typically handmade and will be the only one of its kind in the shop.

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   Broadly speaking a truly OOAK necklace is something that is 100% unique, has not yet been copied, or won’t be reproduced. There can only be one.

Benefits include (But aren’t limited to):

(Photo from GiftinForFifteen)

No Copy Cats! You won’t be caught in that awkward situation when your friend is wearing the same necklace that you chose to wear at that wedding.

Handmade Quality - Your buying from a skilled artist that created the necklace with her (or his) own two hands instead of a heartless factory machine.

Complements Galore! - One of a kind means one of a kind – duh! This necklace will be as unique as you are. When you wear an OOAK necklace people will stop and ask you, “Where did you get that necklace?” You can proudly tell them, “It’s exclusive and was only available for a limited time.” – Legit, you can now turn and catwalk away.

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Gift Giver Queen – Find an OOAK necklace to give to a friend, chances are you will find something that matches them so perfectly they will crown you with reverence and awe.

You Feed Starving Artists – OOAK jewelry is normally created by a small business owner who is happy and content not to make cheap knock offs of an original. The artist just wants to make something someone (even if it’s just one person on the whole planet) happy.

   Next time you shop online, at a local market place, or boutique search for OOAK. You will be pleasantly surprised about what you find. Pick it up at treasure it, because like you it’s the only one of it’s kind.


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